Chances and Choice

One day one of my friends who’s also a monbusho scholar like wrote a status:

I wonder what would become of me now if I had chosen to stay in FKUI…

Well, FKUI stands for Fakultas Kedokteran Universitas Indonesia (Medical School of University of Indonesia), and it’s the most prestigious medical school in Indonesia. He and his girl used to study there before his choice to go to Japan. ‘Being in the most famous med school where his girl is also there, what else is better!?’ That was in my head too when I know more about him.

Back to the status, I think most people who read would say that he’s going to be cool with his doctor coat, being respected with “doc” greeting, working in a hospital for the rest of the study, and 1 more: not being in a long distance relationship with his girl or his family.

I didn’t reply one of them, I only replied:

You might wonder what you would be now if you chose to accept the monbusho scholarship..

Let’s see my life, I was in ITB (Institut Teknologi Bandung) before my choice to accept the scholarship. It’s actually the most prestigious engineering school in Indonesia. So, what if I chose to stay there instead of monbusho scholarship? I think I would be in the middle being graduated, have more friends in my campus compared to my univ now,  have no more lonely days, be able to go back to Medan (my hometown) more often, get more chance to get married soon (lho?), etc, etc, etc.. (do you know what etc stands for!?)

Those would be nice! really nice..

But what if I didn’t choose to go to Japan?I might not feel how 4 seasons are like, I might not be able to get a chance to learn/speak Japanese, I might not have my cameras,computers,ipod or other gadgets I have, I might not be able to feel how downloading with 15MB/s, and one last one (it’s actually the real reason why I tried to find scholarship outside my country): I might burden my parents to pay me for the school.

I learned that when someone is in the middle of many chances, after choosing one chance he/she actually has lost any other chances.

Please be careful in choosing one chances we’ve got, and if you feel like regretting what you’ve chosen trust me you’re just being prepared to what you’ve chosen.

dedicated to any people who might regret what they chose (study major, univ, girl/boy, or anything in life)


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6 responses to “Chances and Choice

  • srimaldia

    well, i dont like choosing neither.. and in reality, i am avoiding the possibility of choices..

    just follow your passion.. maybe by doing that, u dont have to choose. *gubrak sotoy berat 😀

    • mhar_teens

      yeah, but remember there is a time when we’re in a situation we don’t like..
      if you hate day you’ll actually be in a situation where you’ve got to choose one of choices

  • raras

    Nice post, Martin. Aku malah lagi mikir, kalau aku kemarin pulang dan ga pontang panting maksain lanjut s-2 sebagai 私費留学生 bagaimana ya? Pasti udah kerja di Jakarta, bisa deket sama keluarga yang sudah aku tinggalin selama 5 tahun terakhir. Well, hidup adalah pilihan, semoga kita ga salah dalam ambil keputusan.

    • mhar_teens

      yup, bener mbak..pasti tiap orang yg udh ngambil keputusan dari beberapa pilihan, akan paling tidak mikir sekilas bagaimana sekarang jadinya jika dia milih yg lain.
      tetap SMAngat! 🙂

  • Tebak

    This made my day 🙂

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